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Relationship counselling involves building better relationships, enhancing communication skills, providing pre-marital counselling, and supporting post-divorce couples that share custody of their children.

Relationship counselling is primarily preventative; the main goal of this type of counselling is to help couples that would like to take the necessary steps to prepare for a successful marriage or couples that are already married or in a common-law partnership  increase their understanding of interpersonal patterns and dynamics and enhance the quality of their relationships. Divorced couples may also benefit from relationship counselling to resolve parenting issues related to custody of their children or to manage the stress of post-divorce conflict.

Through relationship counselling, couples can learn effective communication skills, how to maintain a positive relationship, and how to enhance intimacy and marital satisfaction.  My approach to helping couples is to identify the obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. For example, by learning effective communication skills, increasing their flexibility, and identifying themselves as a unit or a team, couples are often able to change their perspectives and create new opportunities for enhancing their relationship.