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I relied on my mentors throughout my education, especially at times when my life became complex and I needed guidance in my personal and career development. My mentors helped me achieve my goals and have contributed significantly to where I am today.

There are many uncertainties when we make major life decisions; these uncertainties can range from what to do after completing your education to what career to choose to how to balance your career with other responsibilities. Because of my own invaluable experiences with mentors, I would like to share what I have learned and empower others to achieve what is important to them.

I would like to help young people chart their own career path, especially when they are making decisions about a new job or beginning a new career. Deciding what path to take in school or what to do after leaving school can be stressful for many students. Difficult questions such as “Will I be able to make the right decision? Where will it lead? Which job shall I take?” can add more stress to an already overwhelmed student. Advice, help, and support from a trusted source can be helpful during these times.