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The main focus of corporate consultations for small businesses or large organizations is to draw out the best in people and to create a positive and collaborative work climate. Properly handling conflict and stress at work can improve worker health and morale, reduce disability claims, and increase the productivity of your company. Consultations with individuals, small groups, or large groups are based on the dynamic facilitation approach for managing diverse needs of individuals or groups.

Individual consultations can be beneficial when addressing counterproductive work behaviour such as workplace conflict, harassment, job dissatisfaction, poor performance, theft, absenteeism, lateness, drug or alcohol abuse, family problems, financial problems, etc. The purpose of group facilitations is to help participants resolve disagreements, improve communication in decision-making discussions, build consensus, or assess the effectiveness of decision-making processes. Managers will be asked to answer questions such as “How do I get an employee to work harder? How do I deal with an employee who can’t or won’t follow directions? How can I create a trusting climate on the team? How can I best respond to an angry employee?”

As a consultant, I am interested in exploring how human emotions regarding organizational events such as restructuring, promotions, or downsizing can affect employee motivation, commitment to work, interpersonal relationships, and, ultimately, job performance. I take a broad perspective when analyzing workplace emotions and combine aspects of psychology and organizational behaviour to facilitate change. Research has shown that happier workers are more productive, and the role of a consultant is to help manage organizational stress, enhance communication, reinforce company morale, and optimize company productivity.