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Executive coaching is a highly effective approach to leadership excellence; it is relatively brief in duration and provides an alternative to psychotherapy. My approach to increasing the personal, relational, and leadership effectiveness of individuals is based on my work as a sport psychology consultant with the Canadian Olympic teams and my training as a psychologist. I have transferred the experiences of helping athletes win medals to helping executives reach the corporate podium. All executive services are confidential. The interventions are present focused and future focused, action-oriented, and facilitate personal growth and development.

I offer executive coaching, consultation, and psychotherapy services. As an executive coach, I work with an executive to improve specific skills and performance either on a personal or professional level. At times, executives require a consultant rather than a coach, a “sounding board” to address a broader range of professional or personal issues. My role as a consultant is often longer in duration and broader in scope in comparison to executive coaching. The third type of service is executive psychotherapy, which is a close, collaborative relationship established to resolve work-related issues or personal problems. Although less intense than traditional counselling or psychotherapy, executive psychotherapy generally includes weekly meetings that vary in duration depending on the nature and intensity of the issues.