About Dr. Kutlesa

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My Office is Situated
in Mount Royal Village

Dr. Natasha Kutlesa, R.Psych.
Registered Psychologist
Suite 501, 1550 8th St. SW
Calgary, AB  T2R 1K1
Tel: 403-229-0090
Cell: 403-630-7270
Fax: 403-245-0090

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My Office is Situated
in Mount Royal Village

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My Office is Situated
in Mount Royal Village


I am a registered psychologist in private practice with a special interest in supporting people through transitions and challenges relating to life, sport, or business; treatment of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders; solving complex relationship, family, workplace, and team dynamics; and conflict resolution. 

My credentials include a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Toronto. For the past ten years, I have specialized in eating disorders, weight/stress related health issues, sleep disorders, and sport psychology. My research interests are in the areas of perfectionism and procrastination, with the research findings presented at many conferences across Canada.

I have worked with Canadian Olympic athletes as a sport psychology consultant and have transferred the principles of sport psychology to performance enhancement in the workplace. The focus of my corporate work is on creating a “corporate athlete.”  I help individuals and sport or business teams improve their effectiveness and enhance their interpersonal, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. 

My experience working as a behavioural health consultant through the Calgary Health Region and as a sleep technologist at the Toronto Hospital and at London Health Sciences helped enrich my health psychology work. I fuel my passion for life-long learning through teaching graduate-level psychology courses at the University of Calgary and Athabasca University and through supervising and mentoring psychology students.

Throughout my career, I have been designing and facilitating group therapy programs and workshops (e.g., Overcoming Procrastination, Overcoming Perfectionism, Dealing with “Difficult” People, Performance Enhancement, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Role of Parents in Sports, etc.). I offer a variety of dynamic workshops, lectures, and presentations to help individuals and teams achieve their personal and professional goals.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, climbing, fitness, cross-country skiing, traveling, reading, and learning.