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Personal counselling and psychotherapy involve helping people who are struggling with personal problems that are interfering with their well-being. Through counselling and psychotherapy, I explore and address the deeper components of problems and help individuals understand and accept the complexity of their feelings, thoughts, or behaviours. I also try to facilitate an awareness and understanding of how individuals affect and are affected by systems (such as families) and other contextual/external forces.

I appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. The emphasis of my work is on what a client can do vs. what is “wrong” with him or her. Through counselling and psychotherapy, I help people learn functional skills, solve personal problems, and change ineffective or unhealthy attitudes/behaviours. My clients are able to change unproductive behaviours or attitudes, develop deeper connections with others, prepare for future challenges, and are better equipped to resolve difficulties. The general goal of therapy is to enhance the client's quality of life.

Counselling is generally a short-term process for healthy individuals who are struggling with the problems of everyday living, such as losing a job, ending a relationship, or being diagnosed with a health issue.

Psychotherapy is generally a long-term process based on the model of helping that involves making specific assessment and treatment of problems.

Whether I am focusing on short-term counselling or long-term psychotherapy, I place great emphasis on developing good, therapeutic relationships with all my clients.

As a therapist, I am empathetic, genuine, knowledgeable, objective, open to feedback, and sensitive. I respect people without judgment, have a strong sense of ethics, and am aware of cultural differences and diversity. My responsibility, as a therapist, is to facilitate all the necessary conditions for a meaningful therapeutic experience. Clients also play an important role in the counselling process. As you begin counselling or psychotherapy sessions, it is important to have a readiness and motivation to help yourself, realistic expectations about the process, patience and persistence, a willingness to express thoughts or feelings openly, and to take an active involvement in sessions.