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•     Reaching Your Peak Performance: Swifter, Higher, Stronger

•     Dealing with “Difficult” Team Members: From Ms. Constance Complainer to Mr. Hasty Impulsive

•     Team Dynamics in a Workplace: From Irritation to Acceptance

•     Overcoming Procrastination in a Workplace: If There Is No Wind, Row!

•     Developing Your Career Intuition


Reaching Your Peak Performance: Swifter, Higher, Stronger

In 1921, Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, borrowed a Latin phrase from his friend Father Henri Didon to use as the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). This workshop, intended for business leaders, will connect the “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” motto with the characteristics of high-performance teams in business organizations. Links between sport and business will be made to help companies that are losing sight of how to improve performance by applying the principles of sport psychology to business.

Coaches and business leaders alike are often in highly visible and exposed positions. This may isolate them, but great value can be gained from an external agent, such as a psychologist, who can offer independent help to leaders in sport and in organizations. Effective leaders in sport share a similar vision and are creative and innovative. Organizational leaders can enhance their leadership style by learning from winners in sport. Parallels will be made between what makes a good coach and what makes an effective and respected organizational leader. Lessons from high-performance coaches and Olympic and World Champions will be shared to facilitate respect and acceptance within organizational teams, create team identity and distinctiveness, and foster a sense of trust and feelings of pride and loyalty within small or large companies. The workshop will conclude with specific strategies to help executives find new ways of developing personally and professionally in order to become “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”.

Dealing with “Difficult” Team Members: From Ms. Constance Complainer to Mr. Hasty Impulsive

This interactive and fun workshop is based on case studies of seven fictional characters: Ms. Constance Complainer, Mr. Shun Avoidant, Ms. Hesitancy Indecisive, Ms. Attention Seeking, Mr. Superior Bonaparte, Mr. A.R. O’Gant, and Mr. Hasty Impulsive. The purpose of the workshop is to reflect on different personality traits through the use of humour and to recognize the common characteristics of complainers, avoiders, “indecisives,” attention seekers, “superiors,” “arrogants,” and “impulsives.” The emphasis of the workshop is on delivering practical strategies to help you more effectively interact with people who display some of these challenging traits.

Team Dynamics in a Workplace: From Irritation to Acceptance

A week prior to this workshop, participants will be asked to complete a personality inventory, which will be interpreted during the workshop. The purpose of the personality inventory is to describe different personality styles on your team. The inventory will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and others, demonstrate the value of having diverse personalities on your team, help your team understand which situations will energize their co-workers and which will put stress on them, and provide useful information for team leaders to increase team effectiveness.

The principles of team building in sport will be applied to team building in the workplace. Stressful situations for different personality types will be discussed in order to develop constructive ways of utilizing personality differences. The focus of this workshop will be on acknowledging that these differences exist and on helping you change your mindset: from irritation to acceptance. Based on the unique combination of personalities on your team, interactions that work well will be enhanced and problem-solving strategies will be applied to the areas that do not work well. Team members will be asked to identify the toughest issue facing the team to explore strategies of handling disagreements, tension, or conflict. The purpose of this workshop is to determine what keeps the team from being as effective as it could be and to brainstorm ideas about what you would like to change to make your work environment more effective.

Overcoming Procrastination and Perfectionism in a Workplace: If There Is No Wind, Row!

Does your pursuit of perfection lead to avoidance and procrastination? This fun, interactive workshop is designed for anyone, from business owners to frontline staff, who might be stressed out by the impending doom of a fast- approaching deadline. The workshop will highlight the true nature of procrastination and perfectionism, connections between procrastination and perfectionism, and common misperceptions of these behavioural or personality patterns that often add more stress to the already anxious procrastinator/perfectionist. The workshop will offer practical strategies for enhancing workplace productivity.

Developing Your Career Intuition

This workshop is designed to transcend conventional ideas and rules regarding choosing a career. Creativity will be the foundation for developing your own personal career vision. Participants will draw on their knowledge, imagination, logic, and intuition to develop connections between different life experiences and their future career path. The focus of the workshop will be on self-discovery. Participants will be asked to embrace the functions of both the left and the right brain and bypass the linear thinking processes; they will be guided through specific exercises to balance intuition with career analysis.

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